Sri Lanka opposition speaks out on rule of law

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

June 07, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s main opposition which contributed to the systematic breakdown of rule of law and limiting the freedoms of the people, has spoken out against the growing lawlessness and attacks on unarmed sections of the population.

But small civil society organizations such as Friday Forum, Citizens Movement for Good Governance, Lawyers for Democracy as well as individual retired public servants and private sector executives have started to speak on the issue.

Deputy leader of the main opposition United National Party Karu Jayasuriya said goons connected to the state ruling administration have attacked unarmed people on several occasions recently including its own party members, in full view of the police.


“A good example is the pictures published by the media, showing the goons who were waiting to assault a rally organized against the proposed Pension Bill which the government tried to force upon the private sector,” Jayasuriya said in a statement.

“The media disclosed that these goons had the protection of some politicians of the ruling party.”

The so-called pension bill is a law that the state proposed to impose on the people with no prior consultation, which ultimately resulted in the

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