Sri Lanka parley mulls action against terrorist financing

June 11, 2010 (LBO) – Ways to counter terrorism and terrorist financing which is becoming increasingly sophisticated were discussed at a meeting of South Asian police and prosecutors in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo this week, officials said. Closer co-operation between police and prosecutors in convicting terrorists and recognizing evidence was also taken up at the meeting hosted by the government and the
UN’s Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate.

“This is a region that knows the brunt of terrorism all too well and vies with the Middle East as the region with the highest casualties,” said James Cockayne of the Center for Global Counter Terrorism Co-operation, a US-based think-tank.

“Our talks focused in particular on countering terrorist financing about which we heard from police officers with years of experience.”

He said countering terrorism required cross-border co-operation between national law enforcement authorities.

“No country can tackle the scourge of terrorism or seek to arrest terrorist financing on its own and co-operation is increasingly becoming essential to understanding and controlling the financial flows that provide the lifeblood of terrorist activities,” Cockayne said.

“We heard a gre