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Sri Lanka plant blazes green trail for Marks & Spencer

April 25, 2008 (LBO) – UK retailer, Marks & Spencer says a newly re-built eco-friendly apparel factory in Sri Lanka is part of a plan that will see all operations being 'greened' by 2012, in response to growing environmental consciousness in its markets. M&S, commissioned a completely re-built 'green' casual wear manufacturing plant run by Sri Lankan apparel giant Brandix, north of Colombo Friday. The plant employs 1,600 people.

Officials say the green factory has already cut energy costs by 43 percent and water by 60 percent

The retailer says climate change and environmental issues have become more important in the UK following former US vice president, Al Gore's documentary, "The inconvenient truth."

"In the space of 12 months or so, it has become a huge political issue in the UK and it has become a huge topic of conversation with the general public," M&S Paschal Little from M&S lingerie & casual wear division said.

"Our brand within the UK holds a very special position and our customers expect us to take a lead on environmental issues like this."

"We wanted to work with a key supply partner to establish some model green factories of which the Brandix factory is one." he said.

Global Benchmark

M&S says Brand

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