Sri Lanka police force to get bag of goodies including wage hike and new retirement plan


July 24, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s police force will be given a new salary revision, retirement plan and several other benefits, a United National Party Parliamentarian said.

“The Sri Lankan government plans to increase the salary of police officers by 40 percent,” John Amaratunga, UNP parliamentarian said.

“A cabinet paper proposing the increase will be submitted to the Cabinet next Wednesday,”

“The previous government totally neglected the needs of the police force so we decided that we should do something to address the issues faced by the policemen.”

Amaratunga made these comments while addressing media in Colombo, Thursday.

He says that plans are also underway to put in place a new retirement scheme for the officers who have served over 20 years in the force.

“The cabinet paper to allow police officers who have over 22 years of service is already in place,”

“Then as you already know we have distributed 50,000 bikes among them as well and another 50,000 are scheduled to be handed over.”

Amaratunga also said that promotions and transfers in the force will be streamlined.

Since getting elected in January the new regime has increased the wages of public sector workers and also reduced the price of fuel and gas.