Sri Lanka Ports Authority implements program to prevent virus outbreak


Feb 05, 2020 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) has implemented a program to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus from all ports including the Port of Colombo.

The SLPA, claims that the Port of Colombo and all other ports under the purview of them are safe.

At the Port of Colombo, the medical records of the passengers and crew are obtained and checked to investigate if they are infected or suspected of being infected with the Novel Coronavirus.

Medical Division of the SLPA, SAGT, CICT, Port Police, Sri Lanka Navy, the vessel agents’ associations and Sri Lanka Association of Vessel Operators are engaged in collaborative teamwork around the clock.

Accordingly, all necessary steps have been arranged to send any patient or suspected passenger or crew member to specified hospitals to facilitate screening and treatments.

Arrangements have also been made to provide all services including vehicle services to facilitate the programme.

Passengers of the cruise ship ‘Sun Princess’ who had sailed from Australia via Thailand to the Port of Colombo were inspected for any patients or persons with symptoms.

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