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Sri Lanka rains delay tea quality season

Feb 05, 2010 (LBO) – Heavy rains in some of Sri Lanka™s tea growing regions have delayed the onset of the quality season when plantations companies get high prices for their teas, brokers said. Prices fell at this week™s auction as larger volumes went on sale but sale quantities are expected to decline as dry weather returns, they said.

Average auction prices so far this year are still higher than what they were in the same sales last year.

Considering the large volume that had been on offer for the month of January, prices are still quite attractive for the time of year, tea brokers John Keells said in a market report.

The brokers said unexpected rains on the western slopes of the island™s central hills had delayed the start of what is known as the ˜Western quality season™ when teas grown in that region are of their best quality and fetch high prices.

The Western quality season has been delayed, John Keells said.

Moderate to heavy rainfall has been reported in many districts in the Western as well as Eastern sector over the past week bringing to an end the bright and sunny weather that set-in at the commencement of the year.

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