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Sri Lanka reaches debt restructuring deal with creditor nations: report

Sri Lanka has been informed of an apparent resolution regarding the restructuring of its debt with creditor nations. However, the awaited official confirmation letter from the creditor committee is yet to materialize, as stated by a government source, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

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Approximately a month subsequent to securing a deal with the Export-Import Bank of China (EXIM) to address approximately $4.2 billion of outstanding debt, Sri Lanka has now reached an agreement with a consortium of creditor nations.

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Japan takes the helm alongside France and India as co-chairs of the official creditor committee overseeing Sri Lanka's debt restructuring initiatives. Notably, China stands as Sri Lanka's most substantial bilateral creditor and plays a role as an observer within the committee, opting not to formally join as a member.

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2 months ago

Ranil has failed again. All he was able to negotiate was a reduction in interest and extended payment terms for capital. No haircut. The uncut loans plus the new loans proposed in the budget will impose more burden on the citizens of the country. Ranil has failed again.

2 months ago
Reply to  Buddhist

You seem to know how to solve all the issues. Why don’t you run for the presidency and if that is not possible call the Ranil and tell him how to negotiate with creditors or better ask him to appoint you as a advisor..

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