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Sri Lanka releases details on foreign reserves, gold holdings

Mar 20, 2014 (LBO) - Sri Lanka has released a breakdown of foreign assets and gold holdings in official forex reserves for November 2013 as well as liabilities involving swaps and other payments.
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Foreign currency liabilities involving forex swaps and official loans due for repayment were also given on the liabilities side.

For the next year 3,212.31 million US dollars in principle and 1,252.

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4 million US dollars in interest was given as due for repayment.

However it also involves loan repayments of the government, which are not actual liabilities of the Central Bank Weerasinghe said.

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Direct liabilities of the Central Bank include the loan taken from the IMF.

Short positions on dollar swaps were given as 2,063 million US dollars made up of 212.87 million of less than one month, 147 million US dollars between 1 and 3 months and 1,703.

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12 million for up to one year.

The forex swaps involve assurances given to banks which raised loans abroad such as the National Savings Bank, Weerasinghe said.

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They are expected to be rolled over for annually for up to five years and will not actually be unwound in one year, he said.

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A swap arrangement with an East Asian central b

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