Sri Lanka seeks fisheries aid from Iceland

Aug 20, 2008 (LBO) РSri Lanka has sought help from Iceland to develop its fisheries and geo-thermal resources and both countries plan to improve air travel links, the foreign affairs ministry said in a statement. The request for aid was made by Sri Lankan foreign minister Rohitha Bogollagama during a visit to Reykjavik earlier this week when he met with Geir Haarde, prime minister of Iceland, and his counterpart, Ingibj̦rg Solrun Gisladottir.

“The foreign minister expressed his interest in seeking technical expertise from Iceland to add value to Sri Lanka’s resource bases in the fisheries and geo-thermal sectors,” the statement said.

Prime minister Haarde also requested that steps be taken to conclude a bilateral Air Services Agreement, as Iceland has a strong aviation network.

Bogollagama has invited a delegation from Iceland to Sri Lanka for air talks.

The statement said Iceland’s relations with Sri Lanka should transcend the Ceasefire Agreement and move into broader areas of co-operation

Iceland was a member of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission which monitored the truce between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels.

The government formally withdraw from the truce earlier