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Sri Lanka seeks to limit importation of busses, three-wheelers


Sep 19, 2017 (LBO) – Transport Ministry is currently looking at options to limit the importation of high floor busses and three-wheelers to Sri Lanka. Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva told Parliament Tuesday that the ministry is gradually planning to tight related regulations in order to reduce traffic congestion in the country. “Current bus fleet is sufficient for the country.

Now we need air conditioned low floor busses with high quality,” de Silva stressed. Sri Lanka’s public bus transportation fleet mainly consists of high floor busses imported from India.
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Being low-floor however improves the accessibility of the bus for the public, particularly the elderly and people with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs and walkers. “We have to take policy decisions against the unnecessary importation of busses and three-wheelers into the country.

” De Silva said in the last year alone, 405 people died in 372 three-wheeler accidents reported in the country. He added that the ministry has already drafted a new law to regulate three wheels operating in the island which will be introduced in the near future. Transport Ministry issued a gazette earlier this month making it mandatory for all three-wheelers operate as taxis to have a meter. Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva was speaking at the second reading of the Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill.
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The amendment has new regulations on the demerit points system for driver license. It also includes evaluating mental health before issuing driving licenses.

New amendment seeks to digitalize the existing spot fine system by bringing necessary changes to the current law to facilitate paying fines through smart phones. The amendment also includes new rules on explosive transportation.
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