Sri Lanka seeks unity to fight terrorism after Mumbai attacks

COLOMBO, July 12, 2006 (AFP) - Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse urged the international community Wednesday to unite and fight terrorism following a series of bomb blasts in neighbouring India that killed more than 180 people.
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"Yesterday's bomb attacks in India draw attention to the need for cooperation among all countries on the need to combat terrorism," Rajapakse said.

Rajapakse sent a message of sympathy and solidarity to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh following the series of blasts in Mumbai and Kashmir.

Seven coordinated explosions ripped through packed commuter trains during evening rush hour in Mumbai Tuesday, killing 183 and wounding 624 and eight people were killed and 39 injured in attacks on tourists in the Kashmir summer capital of Srinagar.

Almost one month ago, at least 64 bus passengers were killed in a bomb attack against a crowded by in Sri Lanka's north-central village of Kebethigollawe.

Colombo blamed the bombing on Tamil Tiger rebels who have waged an insurgency that has left more than 60,000 dead since 1972.

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