Sri Lanka sees weak demand for poultry in 2013, feed costs high

June 03, 2014 (LBO) - Sri Lanka has seen weak demand for chicken in 2013 a top poultry firm while costs were elevated, a poultry firm said, as the country emerged from a balance of payments crisis and steep currency depreciation. However the price of eggs had now risen from 11 rupees to 15 rupees reflecting the cost of raw materials.
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In February 2014 there had been a sudden demand for chicken amid a breakout of foot and mouth disease in cattle and pigs, the company said.

Sri Lanka now exported parent breeder chicks, table eggs and hatching eggs. Furkhan said there was room to export chicken meat as current production capacity exceeded demand. There was demand for chicken in the Middle East.

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Bairaha said the government had also announced incentives for exporting chicken.

But Sri Lanka's feed prices were high and volatile, making cost of production high and uncompetitive.

The firm said maize which was the main ingredient in feed was subject to import restrictions.

Bairaha said Sri Lankan farmers now produced 60 percent of the maize requirement for feed and there was a plan to produce the entire requirement of soya bean meal as well with a guaranteed price for farmers.

But because corn was a se

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