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Sri Lanka sells USD330mn of one, three and five year development bonds


Oct 16, 2015 (LBO) – The issue of Sri Lanka development bonds amounting to 75 million US dollars have been oversubscribed with 407.
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25 million US dollars of bids received from investors.
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The central bank has accepted 277.50 million US dollars in one year bond at a floating rate of weighted average margin (bps) over six month LIBOR of 335.95. The Public Debt Department of the Central Bank has also accepted just 2.50 million US dollars of the three years and three months bond at a rate of 370.
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00. The bond auction held during 08 to 15 October has accepted another 50.00 million US dollars in the four years and eight months bond at a floating rate of 405.
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00. At the last development bond auction held in August, a one year and seven month bond was sold at 349.47 while a two years and five months bond was sold at 373.83.
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