Sri Lanka senior opposition figure calls for end to arbitrary rule

July 01, 2012 (LBO) – Karu Jayasuriya, deputy leader of Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National Party has called for an end to arbitrary rule stemming from the current constitution, a report said. “As a member of the UNP, the country’s single largest political party, I believe that the time is right to call upon my fellow members of opposition to unite in shedding our differences, letting go of old wars and seemingly insurmountably diverse ideologies, in order to unite and emerge stronger than ever against a common enemy,” Jayasuriya was quoted as saying in a statement by The Island newspaper.

“The executive presidency is not just the enemy of the UNP or the JVP (a Marxist party) or the TNA (a Tamil minority party) or even the SLFP (the main party of the ruling coalition) in its all pervasive, destructive omnipresence it is the singular enemy of Sri Lanka and so our agenda, as a common opposition would be a worthy one and one that will win the support of all Sri Lankans.”

No Apology

Jayasuriya however has not apologized to the people of Sri Lanka for the constitution enacted by his party in 1978, which paved the way for an unrestrained state.

Legal analysts

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