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Sri Lanka Tamil on ship bound for Canada died at sea: Tamil Congress

MONTREAL, August 15, 2010 (AFP) - A Tamil man who travelled with hundreds of other Sri Lankan migrants aboard a cargo ship bound for Canada died during the trip and was buried at sea, the Canadian Tamil Congress said Sunday.

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"A man indeed died. We don't know what kind of sickness he died from, but they had to have the funeral in the high seas," David Poopala Pillai, a spokesman for the Canadian Tamil Congress, told AFP.

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The man was in his mid-thirties, said Poopala Pillai, who was unable to provide further details about the death.

"Details are very sketchy," the spokesman in Vancouver said, adding that a team of 10 lawyers working with the Canadian Tamil Congress was informed of the incident after meeting with migrants at correctional facilities near Vancouver on Sunday.

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The migrants await the start on Monday of legal detention hearings.

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On Saturday, Canadian authorities said that the estimated 490 migrants were in good condition, despite a three-month journey aboard the MV Sun Sea, a rusty 59-meter (194-foot) Thai-registered ship.

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"The people (aboard) were in fairly good health and they were fairly cooperative," said Rob Johnston, regional executive director for the Canada Border Services Ag

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