Sri Lanka tourism counts on peace talks to salvage winter season after Galle port attack

Oct 18 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is counting on proposed peace talks to salvage the peak winter season, following Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Galle.

The winter season starts in November, with the industry expecting occupancy levels in the South to be in the region of a low 55 percent even before the attacks.

Achieving targets for this winter will be a problem. If peace talks really do take place and there is some agreement reached on the ceasefire then we may be ale to pull through, Prathap Ramanujam, secretary to Sri Lanka’s tourism ministry told LBO.

We are banking on that to salvage the situation, but until it really takes place, we have to wait and see.

On Wednesday, Tamil infiltrated the Galle port, killing two people, injuring several others and destroying three navy craft.

The historical Southern town has been a hotspot for holidaymakers who flock to the beaches and resorts in the area.

Occupancies however have been low in recent times, following an upsurge in local violence between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil rebels fighting for a separate homeland in the North.

Earlier this week, suic

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