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Sri Lanka Tourist arrivals up 12 pct- in June 2015


July 6, 2015, (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 11.9 percent to 115,467 in June 2015 from a year earlier, driven by India and China, data from the state tourism promotion office showed. In the year to June, arrivals of visitors were up 14.1 percent to 830,051 from the year before. South Asian visitors were up 19.5 percent to 36,972 compared to the same month last year supported by arrivals from India and Pakistan.
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India, Sri Lanka top market up by 29.9 percent to 25,860 while Pakistan shows an increase of 27.7 percent 2,825. But Maldives were down by 7.6 percent 6,957 in the month of June 2015 compare to the same month last year.
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East Asian visitors were up 19.2 percent to 26,217 with arrivals from China up 85.6 percent to 15,487. Sri Lanka’s tourism promotion bureau continuously invested promoting Sri Lanka in the Chinese market for the past few months, targeting a promising tourist arrivals from China. Malaysian visitors were down 22.2 percent to 2,184, Japanese were down 8.1 percent to 2,450 and Indonesia was also down 41.
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7 percent to 1,558 compared to the same month last year. Visitors from Western Europe were up 19.7 percent to 27,766 in the month with UK up 10.1 percent to 8,580 and Germany up 30.5 percent to 5,649. Eastern European arrivals were up 22.3 percent to 5,271 with Russia up 7.8 percent to 2,239 while Ukraine also was up 17.4 percent to 823. Middle Eastern visitors were down 46.6 percent to 5,282 contributed by arrivals from Saudi Arabis down 47.4 percent to 2,321 and UAE down 41.4 percent to 429. Sri Lanka had the Presidential Election on the month of January.
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