Sri Lanka trade gap widens in April amid economic recovery

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

July 05, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s foreign trade volumes and a trade gap widened in April 2010 amid as an economic recovery with exports growing 24.2 percent and imports growing 55.8 percent, official data showed. Exports grew to 543.5 million US dollars with tea growing 61 percent to 93.7 million US dollars. Though industrial exports also grew 16.9 percent to 406.1 million US apparels were flat at 227.5 million US dollars.

Imports grew to 967.1 million US dollars in April with consumer goods growing 63.2 percent to 198.4 million US dollars. Intermediate products were up 130.6 percent to 282 million US dollars with textile and clothing growing only 6.4 percent.

Petroleum imports were up 130.6 percent too 282.7 million US dollars. The trade gap in April widened 131.5 percent to 423.6 million US dollars.

In the four months to April exports were up 10.7 percent to 2.3 billion US dollars with tea up 32.9 percent to 399.3 billion dollars. Apparel was down 11.6 percent to 930.7 million US dollars.

Imports were up 42.9 percent to 4.19 billion US dollars with consumer goods up 48.8 percent to 938.6 million US dollars. Intermediate goods were up 56 percent to 2.27 billion US dollars with petroleum up 11

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