Sri Lanka urban agency in talks with India’s Tata on US$50mn project

Mar 08, 2012 (LBO) Sri Lanka’s Urban Development Authority is in talks with India’s TATA Housing Development Company, to develop an underserved area in Colombo an official said. The Urban Development Authority says slum dwellers are living in appalling conditions without proper ventilation and basic infrastructure.

“They can’t even open their windows because it touches the next door wall and ventilation is a problem,” Perera said.

“What TATA is going to do is to give them a nice looking place to live comfortably

“Their whole lifestyle is going to change after moving into this housing unit.”

The UDA says there are over 68,000 slums in Colombo mostly scattered across lands of commercial value.

The government is on a drive to develop commercial property and beautify Colombo and has already begun moving security forces establishments and government departments away from Colombo.

The Urban Development Authority is aiming to build 70,000 houses to relocate slum dwellers within the next 5 years.

The project involves relocating shanty dwellers in Colombo’s Slave Island area to new housing and developing the vacated area.

“We are going to sign