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Sri Lanka urged by World Bank to control trans fat content in food

Feb 24, 2011 (LBO) - The World Bank has urged Sri Lanka bring laws to encourage good food processing practices and control trans fats content in food in the fight against rising non-communicable diseases (NCD) like heart attacks. "The ministry of industries (might have to get involved) in decisions about taxes on high sugar products – this is being instigated in other countries, for example," she told a news conference where the report was launched.

The report said trans fats are an example where labelling, especially on a regional level, may help health promotion efforts to improve the quality of dietary fats.

"Multinational food companies have created products that have advantages for them but are harmful to the population," it said.

"While each country could tackle these issues alone, it is likely to be more effective for countries in South Asia to work together to develop strategies with multinational food companies to eliminate trans fats, and reduce unsaturated fats and salt in their products.

"However, the first step is awareness of the trans fat content."

Trans fats are used in making food as they are cheap, add bulk to products, have a neutral flavour and give products a lon

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