Sri Lanka utility buys power from community hydro plant

Nov 05, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s state-run Ceylon Electricity Board has started to purchase electricity from a community hydro power plant after the village was supplied with grid power, the island’s power ministry said. The 18kiloWatt plant, located in Kaduruwandola, Athuraliya in Sri Lanka’s Ratnapura district will generate 15,000 units (kiloWatt hours) of energy a month and villagers would be able to earn about 100,000 rupees a month.

“People in living in the most isolated villages, generating power on their own efforts without a burden to the country is a role model for the country,” power minister Champika Ranawaka said in a statement.

Sri Lanka has a state power monopoly where all other power supply and distribution scheme were taken by an act of parliament several decades ago and ordinary citizens cannot generate and sell power even to a neighbor.

But community power projects are encouraged in isolated areas which the national grid cannot reach.

The CEB has also started a net metering scheme, where citizens have been allowed to generate and ‘sell’ solar power for example to the grid, which is netted off as a credit to the domestic power bill.

The community hydro plant in Athuraliya had su

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