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Sri Lanka vehicle registration decline in Apr 2021


Total vehicle registrations for the month of April declined to 2,418 units from 3,556 units the previous month – the comparative month 12 months ago was zero due to the first lockdown, a new report shows.

Data compiled by JB Securities equities research shows that April has many holidays and there was a semi lockdown in place towards the end of the month which would have impacted registrations.

Locally assembled vehicles

  • New car registrations recorded 117 units in April down from 149 units the previous month. Zotye Z100 a vehicle assembled by United Motors recorded 25 units.
  • SUV registrations recorded 292 units in April up from 237 units the previous months. Mahindra KUV 100 which is assembled by Ideal Motors recorded 102 units in April up from 79 units the previous month. DFSK which is assembled by United Motors recorded 138 units in April up from 78 units the previous month.
  • 2-wheelers recorded 546 units in April down from 965 units the previous month. The major brands posted miniscule figures whilst minor categorized under Others recorded 311 units in the month. Ranomoto a local assembler which is categorized under Others recorded 121 units in April  (mopeds, scooters and motor cycles) up from 66 units in March.

Notable Imported categories

  • Medium trucks recorded 137 units in April down from 250 units the previous month.
  • Buses recorded 31 units in April down from 39 units the previous month.
  • Hand tractors recorded 167 units in April down from 275 units in March.
  • Large tractors recorded 653 units in April down from 740 units in March. In the brand new segment Tafe is the market leader with a 37.15 % share followed by Mahindra with 17.5% share  and Kubota with 17.12% share.

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