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Sri Lanka welcomes largest container vessel to Colombo port

Arjuna Ranathunaga

Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranathunaga and captain of the vessel Zlatkosisa were sharing the thoughts at main operation room in the vessel

Sep 25, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has welcomed the largest container vessel to Colombo port today morning, the ports and shipping ministry said.

The UK registered vessel ‘Marco Polo’ has 16,020 containers of cargo carrying capacity.

The vessel is 396 meters by the length and 29.

9 meters of height and it was the world’s largest vessel in 2012.

Visiting the vessel Ports Minister Arjuna Ranathunaga has asserted that the Government would keep 51 percent shares to the country, from future investment projects to be received to develop the Colombo harbor, in order to gain the benefits.

“There was a significant development has been achieved in port industry within last six months. Now we should focus to increase the potential of Port Authority,”

“We can gain huge income to the country via developing the East terminal at Colombo port.” Minister has said.

He has said that the Government would further develop infrastructure facilities in Colombo port, in order to achieve the set targets.


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Hade Sheriff
Hade Sheriff
8 years ago

A good move.