Sri Lankan politicians in “Till death do we part” struggle for power


May 14, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s politicians should take a good example from their British counterparts not be too greedy for power and cling on to it but step down in a humble manner, a Minister said.

“Our politicians want to stay in power till they die without letting fresh faces come forward. If they think more progressively and step down it will be better for the future of our country,” Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Power and Energy said.

“Sri Lankan politicians can take a good example from the British politicians and the way they acted following the elections that was concluded earlier this month (May),”

Britons Labor Party Leader, Ed Miliband resigned following his party’s defeat at the recently held elections at Britain.

Foreign media reported Miliband as saying it was time for someone else to take over as leader.

The party lost all most every seat except Scotland. It was reported as the worst defeat than under Gordon Brown in 2010.

Ranawaka says this is a good example for Sri Lankan politicians.

“Nigel Farage the leader of another British political party also stepped down following the defeat of his own home constituency,” Ranawaka said.

“These leaders were humble enough to step down and this is a good example for our politicians,”

“Although we criticize the British systems sometimes, we can learn from their politicians.”