Sri Lankans missing taste of good tea: top exporter

Oct 09, 2012 (LBO) – Mlesna, a top Sri Lankan tea brand, has begun advertising using displays on a new taxi service, aiming to popularise the island’s best known export among local consumers. Mlesna Tea founder Anselm Perera said he wants to make tea drinking more popular among local consumers and raise awareness about the quality of the brew that is much appreciated by tea connoisseurs around the world.

“The ordinary people of this country drink a horrible cup of tea although we produce some of the best tea in the world,” he said referring to the brew usually served in homes and commercial outlets that is heavily laced with milk and sugar.

The island has a wide variety of tea grown at different elevations and agro-climatic regions that yield different and distinctive tastes, aromas and colours.

Prices at the tea auctions in Colombo are usually the highest in the world.

Mlesna has tied up with Nano Cabs, a new service using Nano cars made by India’s Tata group, and Ads in Motion, a firm offering mobile marketing services.

It will use light boxes mounted on top of the cabs indicating whether or not the vehicle is occupied, a technique not yet introduce

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