Sri Lanka’s 20th amendment, a conspiracy against JVP


June 22, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Marxist JVP on Monday said there is a conspiracy against the JVP to block its representation in the Parliament through the newly proposed election reforms.

Speaking at a media briefing General Secretary of the party Tilvin Silva told reporters that corrupted Parliamentarians has the intention of blocking the socialist party entering the house.

“We are the ones disclosed the secrets of the Parliament and the government to the public. That’s why they want to block us with this 20th amendment,” Silva said.

According to the JVP, the new system fails to restrict individuals connected with illegal activities coming in to Parliament.

“Only one candidate represents one seat in the party. So people have no other choice other than voting him.”

Silva said this system also encourages candidates who became rich by illegal means.

“Now it is even easier for them to spend a large amount of money in a small area to get the required number of votes,”

The party insists the government to withdraw the gazette notification on the 20th amendment criticizing it as an attempt to dampen the democracy in the country.

“Though we wanted to develop a multi-party democracy in the island, the proposed system creates a bi-party democracy, it demotes small and minority political parties.” Silva told reporters.

Sri Lanka’s cabinet earlier this month approved the 20th Amendment which increases the number of parliamentary seats to 237 from the current 225.

Under the approved system 145 Parliamentarians will be elected under the first past the post system, 55 under the district proportional representation system and 37 from the national list.

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