Sri Lanka’s begging wild elephants: making it safer for man and animal

Nov 06, 2012 (LBO) – Feeding of begging wild elephants in Sri Lanka’s Udawalawe National Park, can be made safer for both man and animal if it is formalized as a supervised process, where fees are charged, a wildlife enthusiast has suggested. S M S Senadhipathi, a wildlife enthusiast says though elephants lining up for food along an electrified fence at the national park has become an iconic sight “it is an eye sore and a serious risk to animals and people.”

“This is perhaps the only place in the world where people can feed wild elephants,” he said

“Taking a leaf from the experience in other countries, Sri Lankan authorities could turn the feeding of wild elephants into a money spinning enterprise while making it safe for both the beasts and animal lovers.

“I suggest that the Wild Life authorities set up elevated structures at a few places along the park border where people can climb and feed wild elephants.

“Guards could be placed to ensure that the food that is offered is free of any plastic or any such material that could be dangerous to the animals.”

Elephant are intelligent and congregate along several places on the road

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