Sri Lanka’s Budget 2016: Revenue Rs1.7tn; Expenditure Rs3.1tn


Oct 08, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s total borrowing requirement from both foreign and local sources for the year 2016 will be 1,349 billion rupees, revealing 2016 budget figures the government said.

The revenue at the prevailing rates structure and foreign grants have been estimated to be around 1,789 billion rupees.

The total expenditure provision for 2016 without budget proposals to be introduced at the budget is estimated at 3,138 billion rupees.

The expenditure provision covered in the appropriation bill has been estimated as 1,941 billion rupees which consists of 1,314 billion rupees for recurrence expenditure and 626 billion rupees for capital expenditure.

In addition, provisions have been made under special laws to service public debt and payments of widows and orphans pension amounting to 1,191 billion rupees.

The provision requirement for advance account activities is 5,000 million rupees.

The appropriation bill for the budget 2016 is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament on 23 October 2015.