Sri Lanka’s change is inspiring, says Samantha Power

Nov 23, 2015 (LBO) – US Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Samantha Power says she was inspired after seeing the change that has been taking place during a short period of time.

Ambassador Power met Sri Lankan Youth Monday afternoon for a brief discussion and revealed her intention of the visit.

“I came here to support you because it’s inspiring what is happening here. I’m fully aware of all that has not yet being done in terms of reforms, accountability and justice,” Ambassador said.

“But I can’t think of another country in the entire world where you have seen such change in such a short period of time. I wanted to come and experience it,”

“I can go back and talk to President Obama and share with him ideas about what more the US can do to help you.”

She added that the United States is looking at the most affected areas of the society and trying to bridge the torn apart communities together.

“There are people who have vested interests trying to keep away communities getting to know each other; there are extremists just as in the entire world.” she added.

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6 years ago

dont lie. you are good at torning apart communities and countries.

6 years ago

The trouble is that Ms Power is becoming very chummy with the extremists in Sri Lanka – they are the Sri Lankan government who intend to just buy time and space with lots of platitudes .. a common GOSL strategy since independence.