Sri Lanka’s Colombo water supply still safe: Rauff Hakeem

Ambatale Water Treatment Plant

Ambatale Water Treatment Plant

May 20, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Water Supply Minister Rauff Hakeem today rejected claims that the water intakes from Ambatale Water Treatment Plant were polluted.

Speaking in Parliament the Minister assured that there is no truth to the rumor that the Kalani River water had been severely polluted with oil.

“We have been constantly checking the water for impurities and we can guarantee the quality of that had been treated and supply to the consumers.” he said.

The Minister further stated that only if the water level reaches 23 feet, the board need to compel to completely shutdown the new intake of Ambatale.

“Since of yesterday we have seen a steady decrease of water levels and it has gone down to 19 feet 11 inches by early morning today,” Hakeem said.

“We can confidently say that it will not reach the critical 23 feet which will necessitate shutdown of Ambatale new intake.”

In order to maintain the safety of water supply the board has increased the level of residual chlorine in the systems.

The board has also strengthened the water quality surveillance mechanisms by deploying chemists and other staffs to the relevant points.

Ambatale Water Treatment Plant is a main plant that supplies water to Colombo city and suburban areas of Colombo District.

Both main and new treatment plants located at Ambatale purifies 560,000 cubic meters of water per day which provides potable drinking water.

Other plants located at Kalatuwawa, Labugama Biyagama, Kandana and Kethana which covers western production purifies in total 389,000 cubic meters per day.