Sri Lanka’s first ‘carbon neutral’ conference in September

May 01, 2013 (LBO) – The first conference in Sri Lanka to be certified as ‘carbon neutral’ will take place in September, when a regional economic policy conference will be held in the island, organizers said. The conference will allow individual delegates to ‘opt in’ to a scheme where they could contribute to offsetting their own ‘carbon footprint.’

The conference will also use reduce the use of plastic and printed paper, use of eco-friendly stationery products, and green transport.

Advocates of ‘climate change’ believe that the world is warming due to human activity – particularly the generation of carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels – though other activities have also been added to the mix.

Critics however say claims such as ‘settled science’ to describe temperature changes undermine the basis of scientific inquiry.

The issue is becoming increasingly political and is taking almost religious overtones where researchers with contrary findings are treated as heretics, scientists who say
there is no ‘scientific consensus’ on the controversy say.

Critics also charge that it has become a bi