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Sri Lanka’s Hambantota in drive to lure more tourists

Mar 26, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's southern coastal city to Hambantota has launched a new drive to draw more visitors in, with the area already acquiring a name for wildlife, historical sites and a 150 kilometre stretch of beach.

"Our key objective is to promote the Hambantota district as a highly desirable tourist destination from an environmental, historical, social and an economic perspective" Suresh DeMel, of the Hambatota Chamber of Commerce said.

The promotion drive, labelled 'Deep South', is run by the Hambantota Chamber of Commerce in partnership with UK's Manchester Solutions UK and Mercy Corps of USA.

The Chamber says the Hambantota district has the potential of becoming a bigger tourist draw amidst the rapidly developing infrastructure projects in the area.

"Hambantota is very important in today's context with mega development projects of air ports, ports and highways being under construction," DeMel said.

Hambantota, Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s hometown and electorate is on an infrastructure development drive.

Work has already begun on a port, and plans are afoot to build an international airport and expressway and a southern railway line.

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