Sri Lanka’s IT solution provider NCINGA empowers Telecom Fiji

The NCINGA team, with Telecom Fiji and Cisco teams, at a workshop for stakeholders from the Fijian public and private sectors

NCINGA (Pvt) Ltd, one of Sri Lanka’s leading IT solution providers, continues to advance the emerging markets in the telecommunications industry, acting as a powerful force behind the Infrastructure development of Telecom Fiji in the Fiji islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. The leading Sri Lankan IT firm has levelled up its partnership with Telecom Fiji now to conquer the enterprise market with ICT services.

NCINGA has designed and continually evolved the tech infrastructure and digital foundation for Telecom Fiji to further bring remote communities together via a state-of-the-art core transport network, designed and built using DWDM & MPLS technologies to provide scalable high-speed fiber connectivity to enterprises and SMBs across the Fiji Islands. In addition, they have built a secure intelligent Internet Infrastructure, designed and built to provide high-speed broadband Internet connectivity for Fijians island-wide and a state-of-the-art Cloud-native Data Center Infrastructure to host telecom and enterprise applications.

Speaking at the recent joint go-to-market event, Vice President - Sales, NCINGA - Kokum Randeni, stated: “Over the years we have helped multiple telecom operators globally to design and build intelligent telecom infrastructure with a unique, lean and agile approach. Together with CISCO, NCINGA has helped Telecom Fiji not only to modernize its infrastructure but also to offer joint solutions for Fijian government agencies and enterprises to uplift the island-nation as a whole.”

As a Sri Lankan Systems Integrator, NCINGA acts as an inspiration to other brands serving within the local market bringing recognition to Sri Lanka's tech and IT industry, internationally, particularly during these unprecedented times.

Concluding, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Telecom Fiji Limited - Mesake Tuinabua noted: “We are pleased to have partnered with NCINGA in the development of our telecommunications infrastructure. The brand's ethos has truly made our systems top-of-the-line, acting as a gift for Fijians throughout the islands. We look forward to a continued long-term relationship with NCINGA as we keep developing our technologies, staying ahead of the curve to ensure uninterrupted, cutting-edge technologies and services.”

NCINGA is a Technology Solutions Provider with a unique Lean and Agile Approach to Digital Transformation. The company has seen tremendous growth in its services, in the Telecom & BFSI segments recently (through its subsidiary IFINITY) in Sri Lanka as well as in international markets by way of strategic partnerships, key project wins and onboarding of sought after industry talent.

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