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Sri Lanka’s new foreign policy to focus Asian centric middle path: President


Sep 01, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s new unity government will focus on building an Asian centric middle path as the foreign policy of the country, President said.

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“Openness and friendliness will be the base of our foreign policy.

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This is the century of Asia; so from now my government will be more focused on Asian centric middle path.
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President Maithripala Sirisena was presenting the statement of government policy at the ceremonial sitting of the Parliament today.

President Sirisena added that he is to employ new policies based on his election manifesto while taking into consideration other election manifestos of the 2015 general election.

“Sri Lanka enters an era of consensual politics with the new Government,” President said.

“When preparing the order paper of the new unity government my election manifesto will be the base."

"Manifestos presented by major political parties in the Parliament at the recent elections have already been compared with mine,” he said.

“So I’ll prepare the new government’s policies using the proposals that go in line with my manifestos good governance framework,” the President said.

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President also described the national economic development agenda of the new government.

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“The main task of the Government is to achieve rapid development and reconciliation,” President said.

“If we're to rise as the modern Sri Lankan nation, we have to get rid of harmful feudal residues.

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8 years ago

Whose govt is this. I am confused ? is it MS’s, UNP’s or UPFA’s

8 years ago
Reply to  Giabao

It is Ranil Wickremasinghe’s, with the support of Chandrika and MS – most probably in that order.

8 years ago

Are these just empty words? We all know that a foreign policy led by Mangala, Ranil will not be asian centric, nor was it in the last 6 months.

Chan Wee
Chan Wee
8 years ago

of course if will be ASIAN centric but then all ASIAN is not ASIAN as far as the WEST is concerned. parts of asia has more leaning towards china and russia while parts lean more to the west. look at INDIA now – they are great friends with USA and EC as opposed to Russia and China.
we are a tiny spec in the Indian ocean with one simple value as far as the world’s powers are concerned – Trinco Harbor!!! other than that we are nothing. If tomorrow a tsunami or earthquake wipe us out of the map noone will blink an eye. our strategic location in the sea routes is the only reason why everyone comes calling – russia china usa or europe. would politicians give 2 hoots if we dont export tea or lingerie anymore?? rubbish.
one good thing about RANIL – he is a realist and tries to work according to the ground reality. professors and theoreticians can write and talk till the cows come home, but we have no bargaining power. but if we are smart and play our cards correct, we can be a better economy.
to achieve that we have to stop this chest beating and big talk of our history. true we had a great history but it is history. aint gonna make our lives better talking about how great our kings were. everything has changed for the worse and these guys better do something to make it better, AND SOON.

8 years ago
Reply to  Chan Wee

Ranil is more a follower than a realist. ex: When the WEST lectured that LTTE cannot be defeated militarily Ranil believed this even without consulting the local security establishment. As far as he was concerned it was the gospel truth. If contrarily the WEST had instructed him to go for war he would have gone on that path all too happily too.

Look at his Colombo megapolis project. Do you think it out of reality that it was born or because he needs to clone something from the WEST here?

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