Sri Lanka’s new govt must rein in corruption, says opposition MP

sri lankan-parliament

Sept 23, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s jumbo lineup of ministers after the August general election, in the context of a national government, raises more concerns about corruption, not less, according to opposition Member of Parliament Tharaka Balasuriya.

“When all these guys get together, how are people going to answer. Corruption can definitely increase as this time there is no watchdog,” Balasuriya said.

Balasuriya was one of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party candidates from Kegalle District who now sits in the opposition. He pulled in the second-highest number of preference votes out of the UPFA candidates in the Kegalle district and comes from a family active in politics.

Balasuriya said he prefers to sit in the opposition as “it is a moral issue” and the UPFA manifesto did not mention plans for entering into a national government.

“People who voted for me, I don’t think they voted for a national government. I also don’t see why we need a national government,” he said.

“A government of 201 MPs is not healthy for a democracy,” according to Balasuriya.

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