Sri Lanka’s Paragon Holdings launch augmented reality app

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Feb 17, 2020 (LBO) - Paragon Holdings, specialising in outdoor advertising, TV & Radio advertising production, event management, and digital marketing announced the launch of their augmented reality application through Sri Lanka Augmented Reality (SLAR), recently in Colombo.

SLAR has been launched as a member of Paragon and as a partner of UnifiedAR - an augmented reality technology provider based in Australia with branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Singapore, with their operational partners based in the US, Singapore and now, Sri Lanka (SLAR). SLAR will act as the cutting edge creative team producing innovative marketing solutions for top brands in SriLanka.

Speaking with Managing Director/CEO, SLAR & Paragon Holdings - Manura Ekanayake on the launch of SLAR and the application, said “The use of AR and VR has already taken over the western world, with use of it being applied in gaming, education, construction, public relations, health & fitness, to name a few. Through this app we are able to provide Sri Lankan marketers a creative tool to educate their stakeholders, with the use of the latest technology".

Augmented Reality allows for digital content to be displayed via real world objects, making static, two-dimensional print gain a third, active, reactive dimension.

Concluding on the value of the application launched, Co-Founder and Director, UnifiedAR (Australia) - Kaushal Gunaratne noted “Augmented reality is expected to become a value for money marketing tool. With SLAR  there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars/ rupees on developing your own augmented reality apps and backend, we’ve done that for you. With pricing starting as low as $9 per month, everyone can afford to include augmented reality in their marketing or communications strategy.”

SLAR, aims to provide a value for money offering, providing users with affordable and efficient access to create their own augmented reality marketing and communications solutions.

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