Sri Lanka’s PM calls for Unity and Harmony among the communities in going forward

Feb 05, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has gained another chance to rebuild the nation with unity and harmony among communities, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe said in an Independence Day message. Sri Lanka gained independence from British in 04th of February 1948 following a struggle led by the island's first Prime Minister D S Senanayake.

When the Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. D.S. Senanayake, the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka launched the independence struggle, the main weapon he used was the unity and brotherhood among the communities that lived in harmony in our country, Ranil Wickramasinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka said.

Once we gained independence, the challenge that we had to face was to safeguard that unity and march toward development of the country,

However, it was unfortunate that we could not achieve that goal successfully. We have now, once again arrived at a period, during which we could realize that objective.

Sri Lanka celebrated 67th anniversary of Independence on 04th of February 2015. Wickramasinghe said the country would follow the Lichchavi king, who were believed to have ruled present day India's Bihar region or Nepal.

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