Sri Lanka’s power regulator eyes electricity tariff revision


Mar 21, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s power regulator is looking at tariff revision as one option to meet the revenue requirement of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).
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Director General of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) Damitha Kumarasinghe told Lanka Business Online that the Commission has finalized the revenue requirement of the CEB.
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“We have done a consultation on the revenue requirement of the CEB for the period of April to October,” Kumarasinghe said.
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“We opened it for public consultations as well and got comments and now we have finalized the revenue requirement.
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” Kumarasinghe however stated that they are also looking at methods of compensating it without going for a tariff revision. “Now we have to look into the aspect of weather we need to have a tariff revision or how we could compensate that.
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” he said. “So, the existing tariff structure will continue as we have not yet finalized or determined the new structure yet.
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” Meanwhile the Long Term Generation Expansion Plan 2015 - 2034 prepared by CEB has already been submitted to the PUCSL for the approval. “CEB submitted the generation plan but the commission has given some directives and guidelines for them to revise and resubmit.
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There are few things the commission highlighted,” said Kumarasinghe. “One is about the adherence to the government policy and two is about the selection of the least cost option from options available,” he said.
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“There were some other issues but those are the two main issues.”
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8 years ago

For the income the majority of the Sri Lankan earn the rate is already high. Please do not increase it any more. People voted this government and expected relief not more burden. The way things are going they don’t seem to be interested in the poor but only the rich. You might get the backlash in the next election.

8 years ago

The Main objectives of the PUCL according to the act are to Protect in the interests of all consumers, ensure that price controlled entities acting efficiently among others. Unfortunately the Commission seems to be unaware of their basic objectives. The commissions whether its Electricity, Telecommunication or others are hell bent on burdening the consumers by increasing tariffs. This is due to the shortsightedness of our public servants whose solution for any ill is increasing prices. They never look at the entities to check and control waste, inefficiency and corruption. This may be due to the lack of knowledge of the industry in those people appointed to commissions. They are from the treasury or some government entity where their expertise is more on economics. It is time the present government correct this situation and consider the knowledge and expertise of persons appointed to the PUCL in their respective industries. PUCL should be under COPE so that they could advise the government on effective measures to reorganise the public enterprises in the best interest of the public. After all these loss making enterprises are run by public funds and any waste or corruption by its employees has to be borne by the public.

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