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Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya clinches top slot as winter getaway


Dec 09, 2019 (LBO) - The USA Today has ranked Sri Lanka as the top destination, among 20 countries, for winter travel.  

"Jetsetters looking for something off the beaten tourist path should consider Sri Lanka," USA Today said.

"An overlooked gem, this exotic island in the Indian Ocean seduces everyone who steps foot with its stunning unspoiled wilderness, colorful history, and flavorful cuisine."

Due to the proximity and a lack of crowds, it’s possible to pack a lot into a trip to Sri Lanka, it added.

Between December and February, it’s not so much a cold snap as a long, extended freeze with a solid chance of precipitation.

Number two on the list; For wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers is the Galápagos Islands while Dubai is third.

has exploded into an international hub of business and tourism. It’s no accident that glitterati from across the globe journey to this opulent, desert paradise. 

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