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Sri Lankas’s Access Engineering accepts new govt.’s position on BIA runway contract: Chairman

Mar 20, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Access Engineering, a construction company said they have no issue in accepting the new government’s decision to annul the contract awarded overlay the islands airport runway, it’s Chairman said.
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“We have no issue with this, we don’t see it as a problem,” Sumal Perera, chairman, Access Engineering told LBO a short while ago. “We accept the new government’s decision, yes its true we have no experience in building runways.
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” He said it was the previous government that called on five of the local construction companies and asked us to make a bid for the tender that was called. “They (previous government) wanted to help the local construction companies and they said this is an opportunity for you.
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” All we did, Perera said was take on the challenge. The company also issued a statement to the media in this regard and said two bids were received from two international contractors, namely M/s.
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Lagan Construction Ltd. of Northern Ireland and M/s China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. Of China. “The local contractors were called to attended a meeting called by the Secretary, Ministry of Finance on 11th and 13th Dec.
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2013.” The local construction companies were: Nawaloka Construction Company, Maga Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., Tudawe Brothers Ltd., Sierra Construction (Pvt) Ltd., Access Engineering PLC., “The contractors present were informed that the GOSL has decided to use local bank finance to carry out work with respect to the above project and the tender called in January 2013 for carrying of the project where finance was from overseas, would not be pursued.” At this meeting, Perera said, the local contractors expressed that they would not possess the required experience and would not meet with the required pre-qualification to carry out this work. “However, at this point, we were informed that they could collaborate with foreign contractors to meet with the relevant pre-qualification and experience criteria and was invited to submit their proposals.
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