Startup Bundlhub to promote online swapping of goods

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Mar 13, 2017 (LBO) – A new startup called Bundlhub plans to improve the online marketplace for swapping, selling and donating of unwanted or used goods, its founders say.

“In a world where anything you could ever want is only one click away, it can often be overwhelming when we find ourselves surrounded with years upon years of goods that we no longer have a use for,” Thikshan Arulampalam, co-founder and CEO of Bundlhub, said.

“While it’s often fairly simple to acquire all of these things, it’s typically quite cumbersome to swap, sell, or donate our unwanted or unused goods.”

Online avenues such as Craigslist and Ebay offer consumers a way to swap or sell their items, however, the community base of these organizations is often lackluster.

Bundlhub is an application available via iOS, Google Play, or a web portal that provides users with a platform that facilitates the exchange of goods.

By participating through offering up their own items for exchange, users are granted Bundlhub points which can be redeemed for goods that have been posted other users.

“While the main purpose of Bundlhub might appear to be a personal acquisition of goods or currency, the heart of the system lies within it’s dedicated community of environmentally-conscious users.”

Arulampalam said the startup based in both the US and Sri Lanka will launch this month.