State Ruins

State Engineering Corporation officials say its role has to change from a construction company to a foreign market oriented skills development centre.
The plan also requires the Corporations to continue under state ownership. rn

rnThe proposal falls within its restructuring plan handed in to policy makers who have tagged the Corp., for privatisation. rn

rnChairman, Ariyaseela Wickramanayake says the Corporation should be a training bed for university graduates for periods of up to five years to gain on the field experience. rn

rnThe end of their tenure, the individuals will be released to seek employment in the private sector and overseas armed with five years of related skills. rn

rnHowever, the restructuring plan ties state support for its recovery, calling for a greater per cent of government construction contracts and access to larger projects including World Bank and Asian Development Bank funded projects. rn

rnWickramanayake says a clause in World Bank and Asian Development Bank assista

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