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Steady Flow

Trade deficit for January grew US$ 4 mn to US$ 152 mn in 2004, as foreign inflows from tourism, ports, private transfers and net inflows of portfolio investments eased the pressure on the rupee.rn


rnA strong recovery in the global economy helped push export earnings up by 20 percent to US$ 459 mn in January.rn

rnThe key textile and apparel sector brought in the bulk of the earnings growing 74 percent to US$ 227 mn in over the corresponding period 2003.rn

rnRevenues from the Agriculture sector rose 24 percent, largely aided by a four percent growth in tea exports.rn

rnEarnings from tea grew 19 percent, on the back of higher volumes and improved prices (US$ 2.38 per kilo).rn

rnOther agro exports like, rubber, coconut, cinnamon, pepper, un-manufactured tobacco, betel leaves, vegetables/fruits and cashew nuts also benefited from an improved sentiment in the world market.rn

rnFollowing a setback in 2003, Mineral exports dominated by gem exports, recovered by four percent.rn


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