Sticking To It

Cellular operators stuck to their guns to go ahead with a tariff increase, despite the telecom watchdog hotly denying the revision got its approval.

rnMass Communications Minister Imthiaz Bakeer Markar also stepped into the fray to stand by his regulator, telling parliamentarians that the controversial revision was illegal.

rnrnCellular operators raised tariffs yesterday, after informing the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of its intentions on November 1, 2001. Operators also told the TRC of its plans to implement the new tariffs from February 1, 2002.

rnrnSince the revision, incoming calls have risen by Rs. 1.00 (peak), with no tariff change during off peak times. Outgoing calls rose Rs. 2.00 during peak hours and Rs. 1.00 off peak hours.

rnrnOn the pre paid cards, outgoing calls have gone up by Rs. 2.00 for peak and Rs. 1.00 for off peak periods. However, incoming tariffs remain unchanged during peak and off peak periods.

rnrnMobile tariffs were last raised by Rs. 1.00 in 1998 and o

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