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Dec 09, 2007 (LBO) – A Saudi Arabian court has begun to review a case where a Sri Lankan teenaged maid was accused of murdering an infant in her care, but a decision may take more time, a report from the desert kingdom said. . The lawyer of the maid Rizana Nafeek was quoted by Arab News as saying after a hearing on Saturday that there are likely to be several more until a decision is made.

There may be several such hearings before the final verdict is given, the lawyer, Kateb Al-Shammary told Arab News.

Al-Shammary told Arab News that he was hopeful the case would end in Nafeek’s favor. The girl, who arrived in Saudi Arabia as a housemaid, had no training to be a nanny. A four month old baby had died while apparently being bottle fed.

Saudi courts had condemned Rizana to death on a 'confession'.

The girl had appealed saying she did not understand Arabic and was confused by the proceedings and had not confessed to murder.

Rizana had been sent by a job agent on a passport with a falsified birth date, as she was underage. At the time of the infant's death she had been 17 years old.

According to the passport, her date of birth was Feb. 2, 1982 while a copy of her birth certificate gave the

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