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Stress On The Balance Sheet

Audry was forced to leave her job as a Management secretary due to work related stress. Her employer, a leading department store in Britain did not recognize that work related stress could affect employees.
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rnAudry suffered spells of depression and her job performance slumped.rn

rnldblquote I got more and more backwards. My family life suffered. And my husband said lquote it is taking a lot out of you and said lquote enough is enough why don quote t you call it a day, dblquote says Audry.

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rnShe started taking time off work and eventually quit her job. Medical practitioners say work related stress, like in Audry quote s case, is a common occurrence in modern work places.

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Stress could lead to mental illness, the most common form being depression.rn

rnldblquote Mental illness is as clear cut as physical illness, dblquote says Dr. Nalaka Mendis, a leading psychologist.

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rnldblquote Mental illness are essentially illnesses where there is an impairment in feelings, thinking, information pr

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