Stylish Teas

The Indian tea industry is pushing forward a campaign to position the traditional brew as a lifestyle drink.
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An initial investment of Indian Rs. 20 million is being pumped in by the private sector for the nationwide campaign.
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The lifestyle campaign will is expected to increase per capita consumption levels from 0.
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660 grams per annum to 0.730 grams. Sri Lankan tea exporters say the campaign would promote the industry as a whole but will have little benefit to the local exporters in the near future.
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l" In the long term we could expect some of the benefits to trickle down to Sri Lanka, specially with the iced teas and the new flavors that have been introduced recently" , industry officials said. India consumes an average of 675 million tones of tea a year of the 850 million tones it produces.
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The immediate rise in demand will be met with their present export quantity.
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Indian officials feel that the campaign would also take the battle right into the territories of colas.
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l" The idea will be to try convert the cola drinkers to tea drinkers. If the generic promo is a success, different delivery mechanisms and innovative formats of the commodity can be experimented by the tea companies" , a senior tea company official told an international news service.
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