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Sunquick Lanka officially opens ready-to-drink manufacturing facility in Horana


Sunquick Lanka (Private) Limited, the local manufacturer of the much loved Sunquick fruit concentrate, Sunquick BiBi ready-to-drink (RTD), officially declared open its Sunquick RTD Manufacturing Facility in Horana on 23rd February,2023 , reassuring its strong presence in the Sri Lankan market.

Gracing the special occasion were CO-RO A/S Denmark, President Søren Holm Jensen and Sunquick Lanka Chairman Mr. Hemaka Amarasuriya, which saw the attendance of distinguished invitees from Sunquick Lanka and CO-RO A/S Denmark, the media, and well-wishers.

Speaking to the gathering, CO-RO A/S President Søren Holm Jensen stated: “Sunquick Lanka (Private) Limited enters a new phase of growth with the launch of this RTD Manufacturing Facility. With uncompromised taste and quality, Sunquick has been a lifestyle brand bringing families and friends together, for decades. This is a special occasion that takes us a step further to delivering this promise of giving the best to our consumers.”

The RTD tetra pack was introduced to the local market with the purpose of offering consumers a more convenient form of packaging that allows them to enjoy the deliciousness of Sunquick anywhere at any time. The Sunquick BiBi comes in two sizes of 200 ml and 125 ml, in four fruit filled flavours: Orange, Mixed Fruit, Berry Mixed, and Pink Guava and Strawberry.

The RTD manufacturing facility in Horana is housed with state-of-the-art machinery that conforms to the strict Scandinavian standards demanded by the product, where quality assurance personnel from the Global QA team ensure that international quality standards are never compromised.

Commenting on the new manufacturing facility launch, Sunquick Lanka (Private) Limited Chairman Mr. Hemaka Amarasuriya noted: “The launch of the new SUNQUICK RTD manufacturing facility is indeed a milestone achievement that resulted from the hard work and passion of our team. Utilizing the latest technology and complying to strict global safety and quality standards, the new factory will enhance the capacity and speedy delivery to markets. It’s appropriate to announce that Sunquick Lanka (Private) has become an export hub which generates much needed foreign currency to the country as we expands our parameters.”

Sunquick Lanka plays an active role in contributing to the national economy by enhancing its manufacturing strength and exporting to other countries. Sunquick is the category leader in fruit squash segment in Sri Lanka enjoying 70 % of the market share and exporting its products to most of the Asia Pacific regional countries including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Maldives, Taiwan, and Bangladesh to name a few.

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