Sunrise Engineering to power Sri Lanka with “Veefil”


Re-charging electric vehicle in 20 minutes is now possible Sunrise Engineering signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Tritium, the Australian designer and manufacturer of the “Veefil”, the world’s most technologically-advanced rapid charger for electric vehicles.. This partnership comes at a very crucial time where the absence of rapid charging infrastructure is deeply felt in the country hindering the e-mobility and a greater EV adoption. Sunrise Engineering is a renowned name in Renewable Energy sector in Sri Lanka, specifically in the installation of Solar Electricity systems with net-metering.  The most advance next generation technology from Germany is being imported and utilized for installations to provide a quality deployment in Sri Lanka.
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Their reputation as a reliable installer has created a good market position in the industry and would have undoubtedly assisted them to win over this partnership with Tritium. Damith Maiarachchi, Managing Director and CEO of Sunrise Engineering commenting on this partnership said, we are excited to provide our EV (Electric Vehicle)  user community the convenience, freedom and a whole new experience of re-charging EV’s in minutes from the world’s most advance, leading technology available today. Our focus is to encourage more and more people to change from the traditional fossil based fuel vehicles, to eco-friendly zero emission electric vehicles, which is a fast-growing trend in the world today, due to the increase in demand and awareness for a greener future for tomorrow. He further added, ““Veefil” can add 50km driving range in about 10 minutes and support both the CHAdeMO and SAE CCS Combo charging standards, making it compliant with just about every electric vehicle available in Sri Lanka at present and time to come”, Maiarachchi reiterated. “This partnership will emphasize not only the pace that the country would be striving towards in bringing down world class and standard compliant rapid charging entities but also the much needed awareness to educate EV customers in choosing what’s best for their vehicles. Electric Vehicle users should be aware about the issues behind utilizing charging inlets that are not available with the eligible certification or recognition and such entities would only prove harmful to the vehicle as well as to the user. Veefil has been approved by global EV manufactures and enables a re-charge quicker, safer and cleaner. “Apart from addressing this critical need and providing an intelligent re-charging solution for Electrical Vehicles, we are also focused on creating de-carbonized, sustainable, cleaner cities in the future.  Maiarachchi added. Sunrise Engineering is committed towards carbon free, renewable and green energy production which is a global consent as almost everyone today is moving towards renewable energy and e-mobility. (PRESS RELEASE)
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