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Super Doopers

Modern trade or shopping at super markets is a developing habit in Sri Lanka.
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Modern trade or shopping at super markets is a developing habit in Sri Lanka. But people who have access to information and exposure to brands are shopping at supermarkets more frequently here than in some of the bigger regional economies.
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Shifts from household purchases to personal care and the high percentage of male shoppers in the country are also drawing consumer goods marketers to modern trade.

Shopping at supermarkets has become an enjoyable family affair.

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Space, convenience and the vibrant shopping environment are encouraging people to shop with their families.
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Cargills, Food City one of the biggest supermarket chains in Sri Lanka had to overcome many barriers when they broke into modern trade or the supermarket business.

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People used to refer to their prices as "Cargills Ganang" or Cargills Price!

"They had this price barrier, thinking that it is and intimidation factor to some extent.

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It's air-conditioned place, the sliding doors, escalators et
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